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Friends Only

 This journal is pretty much 100% for friends only. 

I only tend to add people I know but if you would like to be added as a friend then leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.


Merry Christmas!
Just to wish you all a very merry Christmas! I hope you all have wonderful times and great new years.
May 2010 be a great year for all. X x

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Oh my god. Hey guys. Literally just popping in to shout HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOLLIE SCOTT.
Hope you're having a good one my darling!

So sorry i've not been around. Mentally busy. Am visiting the in-laws in sunny cornwall at the mo but hope to catch up very soon with you all.
Love you.
X x x

29 Tasks of Corless Update - ET Remake

Hey everyone, here's a little update on my friend James' tasks for charity.
Since my last post he has climbed Ben Nevis, fought a famous boxer in Philadelphia and milked a cow!

I thought some of you would be interested to see the final product of Task 8 - which was to remake his favourite film, ET. As you know, Kev and I both helped out with all the props and filming and I am really pleased with how the film turned out.

So here it is: (also a rare chance to see me and Kev "acting" - one that may not be repeated!)

One thing I am going to ask is, if you watch it and enjoy it, please donate something to James, even if it's only £1. He's building up to the finale of his tasks and he could do with all the help he can get.

To donate, please go here - http://www.unicef.org.uk/myfundraising/ViewFundraiser.aspx?web=29tasksofcorless

Today Kev and I are helping out by becoming part of his flash mob at the Natural History Museum to celebrate Einstein's birthday. (random)

Kev is also in the middle of organising a comedy night for the final task at The Good Ship in Kilburn. So far we have booked Tim Key, Sy Thomas and Mike Wozniak, and are still hunting for a headliner. It's on Wednesday 22nd April. All are welcome.
It should be good!

29 Tasks of Corless Update

For those of you interested in my friend James' mission to raise as much cash as he can for Unicef, he did some very interesting tasks recently and I thought I'd share the main one.

The main one being - doing the Full Monty in a nightclub in Brighton!! (prior to which he had a FULL BODY WAX)

videos for anyone who actually wants to see a very embarrassed mate of mine humiliating himself:

The waxing:

The training and the stripping (I feel very wrong watching this - he's one of my best pals!!)

Full details on his other tasks to date here : www.29tasksofcorless.com

If you or anyone you know have any spare cash, please sponsor him. He's doing so well.

The Twenty Nine Tasks Corless

Just thought I'd tell you about my friend James who is doing this crazy thing for charity - The Twentynine Tasks of Corless.

Over the next 27 weeks (he's already done two weeks of it) he'll be doing a task a week for charity up to his 29th birthday. The tasks range from the simple - horse riding (he's scared of horses) - to the down right difficult - performing stand up at a comedy club. He's even going to do the London Marathon.

So far:

He's done the horse riding.
He's been waterskiing. - I love the video of this. his face is a picture!

Today - he has to visit 52 tourist locations in London dressed in tourist gear and have his photo taken with all of them. I think that wil be harder than it sounds.

He's doing it all for Unicef, so far he's only raised £29 (29 - how odd!). I'm not asking you to sponsor him or anything, just thought I'd tell you about it as I'm actually really proud of him.


i'll probably do some little updates on this to say how he's doing. GO JAMES!!!

Something Serious.

I've been thinking a lot about the Presidential race today. I blame Tweedy and her amazing JGL video which I have decided to post here.

Hello my friends, Joe Gordon-Levitt here--
Well, I've never-but-once emailed you all en masse, as they say. But it seems that in these days and times, we've come to expect and accept mass emails concerning our #1 Man, Barack. So here's what I made:

It's for everyone of course, but it's especially for people who are just too cynical about anything political to care what happens November 4th. Especially especially us too-cool-for-school youngsters. Know anyone like that?

Hope you like it. Pass it around, if you see fit.


Gotta love the JGL. What a fab way to entice the yoof of America into getting interested.

Also, I have been looking at the LGBT side of things the two candidates have to offer (as these things are very important to me), and I must say I am shocked and disgusted and McCain's attitude to gay people in the US. Just take a look at this document comparing the two candidates I took from Obama's website:


I am quite frankly appalled. Now I have one more reason to want Obama to win. Surely the American people have more than two brain cells to rub together and make this simple decision?

If he doesn't I really don't know what I'll do.

*hits LJ with a stick*
Anyone else having major issues with LJ today? I can't seem to do anything on here *hopes this posts*

It took me over 10 minutes to post a comment on River's journal....


Calling all Potential Writers!
 My good friend Immy (imogen_star_dom) is trying to put together a writing site for those of us who want to share stories, fiction, reviews, social commentaries etc etc, with like-minded people who aren't facists about US/UK spelling....

If you're interested, read on...

If you would let to get involved, please give her a shout at atnightidreamofisabelle@googlemail.com


An Inconvenient Truth
I've just finished watching the amazing and thought provoking documentary An Incovenient Truth

Seriously, I'm not going to give any of you a lecture here, but please watch this film if you can. If you care at all about the environment it will really bring things home to you. 

I've always been quite concerned about the whole global warming thing and taking care of the earth, and have in recent months tried to bring my carbon footprint down as much as is possible on my frugal wages, but watching this has made me want to do more.

If you want to find out more please visit this website set up by the makers of the film - ClimateCrisis.

It really makes you wonder how different America might have been if Al Gore came into power and not Bush.

That's all I'm going to say. You are adults and can make up your own minds.


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